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Aitken Spence PLC emerged victorious at the highly competitive Best Corporate Citizen Sustainability Award (BCCS) 2019, an award ceremony hosted by the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce in order to acknowledge and celebrate sustainability initiatives undertaken by the country’s corporate citizens. Commercial Bank PLC and Hatton National Bank PLC were the first and second runner up of the competition, respectively.

The Awards ceremony was held at the Cinnamon Grand last Thursday (28th), and was graced by Sri Lanka’s top corporate leaders and executives. Ceylon Chamber Chairperson Dr. Hans Wijayasuriya delivered the Welcome Address, while the High Commissioner for Australia, His Excellency Mr. David Holly, delivered the keynote speech as the Chief Guest.

Top Ten Best Corporate Citizens Awards:

  1. Access Engineering PLC
  2. Aitken Spence PLC
  3. Bank of Ceylon
  4. Commercial Bank of Ceylon PLC
  5. CBL Investments PLC
  6. Citizens Development Business Finance PLC
  7. Hatton National Bank PLC
  8. National Development Bank PLC
  9. Peoples' Leasing and Finance PLC
  10. Sampath Bank PLC

Category ‘B’ Winners – Less than Rs. 15bn Annual Turnover

  1. Oxford College of Business (Pvt) Ltd.
  2. 1st Runner Up -  Standard Chartered Bank
  3. 2nd Runner Up - Sirio Ltd

Triple Bottom Line Awards

  1. Planet                : Aitken Spence PLC
  2. People : Commercial Bank of Ceylon PLC
  3. Profit : Hatton National Bank PLC

Sector Awards              

  1. Diversified : Aitken Spence PLC
  2. Finance : Commercial Bank of Ceylon PLC
  3. Other : Sri Lanka Telecom PLC
  4. Manufacturing : CBL Investments Ltd
  5. Construction : Access Engineering PLC
  6. Knowledge Services : Oxford College of Business (Pvt) Ltd

Best Projects Sustainability Awards

  1. Premium Exports Ceylon (Pvt) Ltd - Unilever Sri Lanka – Reaching the Pinnacle of Sustainability
  1. Premium Exports Ceylon (Pvt) Ltd - Unilever Sri Lanka – T-Hues – Closing the Loop on Tea waste
  2. Dynawash Ltd – T- Hues - Sustainable Natural Dye
  3. MAS Intimates – Partnering Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR), Resilience and Preparedness
  4. Standard Chartered Bank – Goal - Changing the world one Girl at a Time
  5. Hatton National Bank PLC – Sustainable Development Goals Action Campaign
  6. Link Natural Products (Pvt) Ltd – Siri Pada World Heritage Conservation 'Asiri Surakimu Samanola.'
  • Award for Women Empowerment - Winner
    Standard Chartered Bank – Goal - Changing the world one Girl at a Time

Certificates of Merit awarded to the following Best Sustainability projects:

  1. MAS Intimates – Aloka - Breast Cancer Awareness Program
  2. Hatton National Bank PLC– Thundola Conservation Project
  3. Standard Chartered Bank – Financial Education - Investing in the Next Generation to learn, earn and grow

Consistent Commitment and Continuous Improvement

A certificate to recognize corporates who have demonstrated Consistent Commitment and Continuous Improvement in each category of awards whilst competing for the Best Corporate Citizen Sustainability Awards over the last 03 years.

  1. Environmental Commitment - Aitken Spence PLC
  2. Environmental Integration - Aitken Spence PLC
  3. Environment Beyond the Business - Aitken Spence PLC
  4. Employee Relations - Aitken Spence PLC
  5. Customer Relations - Aitken Spence PLC
  6. Community Relations - Aitken Spence PLC
  7. Governance - Hatton National Bank PLC
  8. Financial Performance – Sirio Ltd
  9. Economic Contribution – Bank of Ceylon

Award for Best Presentation of the Application:

  • Commercial Bank of Ceylon PLC
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