The Secretary General and Chief Executive Officer

The Secretary General of the Chamber is the Chief Executive Officer of the Chamber and is responsible for the implementation of all decisions of the Committee and of the Board and in so doing, acts under the general direction and control of the Committee. The SG/CEO is the head of the Chamber Secretariat and is responsible for its efficient functioning.

Deputy Secretary General/Financial Controller

The Deputy Secretary General (DSG) oversees the corporate development and manages matters of strategic importance. The DSG provides leadership in aligning the activities in the roles and functions of the overall Ceylon Chamber Secretariat. As the Financial Controller, the DSG is responsible for the accounts, preparation of the Annual Budget and for monitoring the performance of the financial department and for contributing to the decisions regarding the financial strategy.

The Management Team (the “A” Team)

The Management Team also known as the “A” Team of the Chamber Secretariat Comprise the Secretary General/CEO, the Deputy Secretary General, 03 Senior Assistant Secretaries General, and the Chief Economist. The Team provides overall leadership to the Secretariat staff and discusses strategic issues to recommend policy and direction to the Board and to the Committee.
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